Make Business Process automation, workflow and content management simple. Create playbooks that make people do things right, every time. IN REACH is a SharePoint add-in for Office 365 as well as SharePoint On-Premise.

Intelligent Playbooks that bring productivity and efficiency together

Create, design and build your processes in the form of Playbooks. Follow best practices to standardize processes and workflows. Define and evolve standard operating procedures. Introduce and implement policies & guidelines to achieve predictable outcome.

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IN REACH has transformed our documents stored inside SharePoint into an easy to use Knowledge Base, making organization specific learning accessible anywhere and on any device. It makes us productive and effective in our respective specialized roles. – Divya Tank

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IN SURE is an on-demand support program for qualifying customers that equips you with a set of best practices, tools, and resources, and makes your experience with IN REACH a success.

IN SURE also covers SharePoint application development based on business scenarios.



Rapidly evolving Playbook marketplace for In Reach

Providing insightful, relevant and complete content packs, playbooks and add-ons to further add value to the In Reach ecosystem. Always keep up to date and relevant with constantly shifting goalposts using curated playbooks that enable you to comply to industry standards; current and beyond.

* Releasing Q3 2017

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