Code Migration And Framework Upversion

You can hire a team for various forms of code migrations like:

  • Migrate your existing .NET / ASP.Net / .NET legacy application code to ASP.Net Zero Framework

  • Migrate your existing ASP.NET application code into ASP.NET Zero framework.

  • Upgrade your existing ASP.NET Zero application to newer version of ASP.NET Zero

  • Upgrade from ASP.NET ZEro with ASP.NET MVC and jQuery to Angular and .NET core

  • Upgrade from ASP.NET Zero with AngularJS 1.x to Angular 6 and .NET core

While migrating existing applications, HireTechTeam team will modernise the Application UI and recommend suitable framework like ASP.NET Zero.
Our Team can be hired for adding new features and modernise the UI and build enhancements.
We work on Time and Material basis and provide you range of effort that is needed to build the application you have in mind.

Full Stack Developer for Ongoing Projects

A full-stack developer is hands-on in each stage of software application development including server operations, front-end and back-end development, mobile development and design.
Our developers also have working experience in DevOps.
All our full stack developers are experienced in the ASP.NET Zero framework which integrates all the latest technologies.
We also provide a QA and UI resource when you hire a full stack developer. They are capable of delivering the required work and can learn new skills.

Full – Stack Developer Skillset:

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Bootstrap

  • JavaScript / jQuery

  • AJAX

  • Angular JS 1X

  • Angular 2/4/6

  • Database SQL/MongoDB/MySQL/Azure SQL

  • C#

  • LINQ

  • ReactJS

  • Node.js

  • TypeScript


  • .NET Core

Support Maintenance Cloud Infra Management

You can engage with HireTechTeam for supporting and maintaining your applications on Azure, AWS or even On-Premise.
You can hire our expert resource for a minimum of 20 hours per month or higher in order to:

  • Implement enhancements or future set.

  • Resolving bugs or troubleshoot issues for production.

  • Implement application diagnostics with Azure insights in order to optimise performance.

  • Enhancing application performance across all layers – business logic, user experience, frontend/UI, backend/database.

Cloud Infra Management

Our Azure/ AWS experts can be engaged to carry out optimisation techniques like:

  • Code optimisation

  • Application Caching

  • Multi-Tenant application hosting and management

  • Load balancing of your Azure hosted application

  • Distributing content to end users using Azure CDN with low latency and high data transmission

  • Database configuration & query optimization

  • Functional & Performance testing

  • Scalability testing

  • Enhancing Security

  • Cloud Migration

Front-End Development and UI Designing

Front-end development entails creating the HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding that makes up the client side of an application or website.
Our expert front-end developer and UI designers will create a modern, intuitive and engaging user experience(UX) and user interface(UI) for your application.
Front-end developers support the client side of web development and code everything a user sees.
They use a variety of markup languages, front-end development framework and design tools to bring your ideas to life.
Our front-end experts have experience in the fundamental web development languages (HTML, CSS and Javascript) as well as AngularJS and React. They are experienced in creating and handling responsive applications.

Our designers use latest and best UX tools, from wireframing and prototyping. Some of the tools include:

  • Invision Studio for Wireframing, prototyping and handoff

  • Adobe XD as a prototyping tool

You can also engage HireTechTeam designers for starting a design sprint in order to validate ideas through design, prototyping, user testing, and collaboration.

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