Robotic Process Automation

Service Offerings / Accelerate Automate Augment
RPA with Wai
  • Managed team and managed services
  • 100% backed-up team and processes
  • Ongoing support when needed
  • Experience across various domains
  • Consultative requirement analysis and development
  • Assured security and confidentiality
  • Structured quality assurance processes
RPA Benefits
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Higher productivity, predictability and accuracy
  • Zero interruptions/disruptions
  • Easier datapoints collation for analysis, further improvements and compliance
  • Cost savings and better use of human bandwidth
  • Faster delivery, better quality and improved customer experience.
RPA usecases

Chat bots

Create assistants to help employees get information.

Document parsing & management

Apply RPA for various parsing tasks.

Data entry & extraction

Automate all data entry and extraction and easily move them between systems.

Data migration

Easily move all the data to new platforms and systems.

ERP/CRM automation

Bring operational excellence when working with corporate systems.

Custom integrations

Connect and augment legacy and homegrown applications.

RPA implementation approch

Business process diagnostics

  • Conducting interviews with process owners or business owners
  • Collecting information on business processes and conducting a survey

Design and Simulation

  • Organization of the process design document
  • Mapping the business process being developed

Project implementation

  • Organization of the robot development environment on its own licenses
  • Development of an RPA robot within the functionality of the ElectroNeek platform

Operation and training

  • Creation of instructions and user training
  • Maintenance of software robots

Case Study: Recruitment Process Automation

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