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No more hassles of constant phone calls with drivers. Employees will know exactly where their cab is at any given time & he will receive a Notification.



In In-time Fleet Set-up automatic escort tracking feature for female employee trips and get notification after they are dropped-off and picked up.



Employees will receive notifications through SMS at regular intervals & It will provide an option in case of emergency by giving you an added safety assurance.



Help your driver be safe, productive and efficient.Get real-time access to your fleet data from your mobile & you will be able to see the working status.

Why Choose IN-TIME Fleet?

Transport Management System is an easy-to-use app-based application that provides businesses and organizations a unique and flexible way to manage, automate and consolidate their fleet processes into one integrated fleet management system. Proven to help tackle inefficiencies, streamline processes, improve performance, ensure compliance, reduce cost and mitigate risk by In-Time Fleet integrated products, its almost 95% of admin tasks are automated; increasing the efficiency of operations and accuracy of reports in real time management. .

Benifits of Fleet Management


  •        Automate Your Fleet Reports

  •        Improve Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

  •        Safety & security

  •        Real Time Vehicle Tracking

  •        Efficient Route Optimization

  •        Reduce fleet expenses

  •        Flexible hardware

  •        Paperless and Accurate Billing

Data Mapping Technology

Real-time mapping for effective routing, retrace a vehicle’s route on a map track start/stop times through visibility into driver routes and time stamps for entering or exiting a job site  GPS information on vehicle area, speed, directional heading and road address  Real-time mapping for powerful directing.

Mobile Apps

On the go fleet tracking via vehicle tracking  Software that sends comprehensive fleet tracking information to phones and iGPS devices  Free downloads of the Fleet mobile app in the Android Google Play store and Apple App Store.

Real Time Alerts

Customizable alerts powered by mobile GPS/ Smart iGPS and delivered to you smart phone notifications for latency, speed limit exceeded, driver performance, arrival and departure times, and more

Fleet Activity Reporting

Detailed reports that help you improve operations, Intime-Fleet tracking of your cabs, employees and drivers.  Advanced reporting tools to monitor vehicles in real time via Google Maps  Historical data and powerful analysis tools to help manage your fleet effectively  Driver behavior reporting to minimize fuel-wasting behaviors and ensure safe driving On demand reports that can be printed or downloaded as an Excel and PDF format

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