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Product Engineering / Framework based Acceleration and Product Development Automation

Need for Framework based Acceleration and Product Development Automation

Framework based Acceleration platforms such as ASP.NET and ABP.IO enable you to start your application development with a solid foundational features to handle:

  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Logging and exception handling
  • SaaS features
framework based acceleration

Built by and For Developers

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The RAD tool available with ASP.NET and ABP.IO can be used by entry level developers for quickly producing a prototype that generates a Front-end UI and back-end REST API for CRUD operations on business entities for a customer demo. The application developed is Production-Ready.

Experienced developers can build enterprise-grade features on top of this foundation.


Reduces your web application development time from months to weeks

Provides you full control over the source code to handle any kind of customization

Does not lock you in as the code will run in a container like docker

Boosts your development speed without compromising on quality and security of enterprise-grade application

Deploys easily on your choice of cloud or on-premises


Accelerated Solution delivery and improved application efficiency for a European retail company

A large European Retail Company operating 100+ stores all over Europe was looking to modernize their applications on the Microsoft stack. One of their existing systems was functional and in use but was written in ASP.NET MVC 5 and they wanted to bring it on the .NET Core platform. WAi Technologies has rewritten their existing homegrown Purchase Order Tracking Application called Novell.
framework based acceleration