Streamlining IT Initiatives

Product Engineering / Enterprise Application Development

Need for Enterprise Application Development

  • Heterogeneous technologies and platforms evolve independently over a period of time
  • Company mergers and acquisitions create new additions to ecosystems, making it difficult to streamline and strategize IT initiatives with respect to custom applications 
  • Custom applications need to meet best practice standards and comply with products already in the enterprise 
  • Paradigm shifts in the development lifecycle with shorter spans for development without compromising features 
  • Every enterprise product needs to be a SaaS product on its own. 

Where WAi adds value?

  • Agile Application Development 
  • Quick turnaround
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Best practice and standardization 
  • Built on latest but stable environment
  • Testing Infrastructure
  • Cloud ready
  • Maintainability with Audit Logging 
  • Integration with LOB systems
  • Long term support


Wealth Management: Helping you deliver expert advice

Build a Wealth Management platform intended to grow, manage, and help protect the wealth of its customers.  This platform has features for Investment Management, Risk Management, Planning of Estate, Taxes, and Charities.